About ECHO Dubai
  • ECHO in Dubai is a fusion of art, design, and technology

    ECHO DUBAI is the region’s first multi-sensory festival where Art Design Technology Event intersect to provide a platform for local and international businesses, brands and minds to connect and collaborate.
    This year’s edition will launch in Dubai, taking place from the 14th to the 16th December in Dubai’s Design District ‘d3’, under the theme, “Interacting with the future”.
    The first of its kind in the Middle East, a forward-thinking event, ECHO Dubai – art, design, and technology festival will focus on advanced technologies through artistic forms as well as a variety of sound, visual and digital mediums, installations and performances.
    Ideas will be shared, projects will be developed and new concepts will echo in Dubai – facilitating opportunities for exchange and collaboration among artists, arttech enthusiasts, designers, musicians, engineers, and scientists.
    The 3-day Festival will include an expo showcasing immersive installations by local and international exhibitors, a conference to exchange knowledge and generate new ideas within the industry; workshops across a range of artistic and creative disciplines hosted by international experts; and a sound festival that combines leading musical talent with audio-visual technology, to offer a truly immersive experience.
    Built on the idea that Dubai makes dreams happen, MICE has had a long dream of creating an event that merges and echoes the best of the Design, Art, Technology and the world of sound.


Conceptualized and organized by MICE International