Computational Design Strategies in Virtual Reality | Riyad Joucka

Course description

Within the frame of the 1-day workshop, MEAL will present a general introduction, explaining Computational Design practices to the participants.

The workshop will invite individuals from different industries to generate, manipulate and develop code that will allow them to design complex architectural spaces.

These spaces can be visualized in Virtual Reality (VR) environments, explaining the benefits of walking through an immersive digital model to be able to visualize space, light and affect.

Course objectives

• Digital Design of complex spaces using computer code (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper)
• Using geometry to design exciting spaces with light/shadow conditions
• Walking through their designs in Virtual Reality environments in Iris VR +Mindesk
• The possibility of 3D printing and taking their designs home

How to prepare for the workshop?

The workshop is prepared for beginners and intermediate level users. You do not have to have any prior experience using Rhino, Grasshopper, Mindesk 1.0.0 (HTC Vive) or IRIS VR to Sign up. However, please come prepared by opening and downloading the following links

Technical Requirements

This workshop is an introduction. No prior knowledge in architecture, design, computational
design or VR is required to attend this workshop.


Each participant needs a Windows PC Laptop or Mac with Boot camp and Windows 7 or later, 64-bit processor.


Rhino 5 (64- bit). Grasshopper 0.9.0076 or later, Iris VR, Mindesk 1.0.0 (HTC Vive)

Workshop Links

Watch this introduction to know more about VR applications in Architectural Design:
Rhino 5 Windows Can be Downloaded of a 90 day trial here
Grasshopper can be downloaded for free here:
IRIS VR Preview here:
IRIS VR Prospect can be downloaded for a 45 day trial here:
Please watch this tutorial online for Mindesk:
Mindesk can be used free of charge for a 30 day trial here:
MEAL (Middle East Architecture Laboratory) is a creative- economy, nomadic community of Makers, Programmers, Material Scientists and Entrepreneurs. MEAL is the research incubator for MEAN.

MEAL will bring together the brightest minds in the fields of design research, through an experimental methodology towards learning.

MEAL will facilitate the transfer of knowledge of novel technologies to the future generation of designers. It will attempt to radicalize the use of technology to generate a contemporary contextual design identity.

Computational Design Strategies in VR
Riyad Joucka

AED 1000 Book a Slot
time and date
14th December 2017 10.00am - 7.00pm
the place
Dubai Design District

About the Artist


Riyad Joucka

Founder - Principal Architect MEAN / MEAL

Riyad Joucka Is an Architect and Researcher, currently based in New York City. He worked for SHoP Architects, Woods Bagot and FR-EE on major cultural, public and infrastructure project.
Riyad worked in Hong Kong from 2012- 2014 at the intersection of academia and practice, pursuing research that is focused on simplifying the nonlinear logistics of complex building construction. He earned his Master of Architecture at the Emergent Technologies & Design program at the AA School of Architecture (London, UK) graduated with distinction.
Riyad has taught architectural design workshops in Paris, Penang, Shanghai, Tehran, Santiago, and directed AA Visiting School Jordan. He is the current director of the annual AA Visiting School Dubai, which is an academic program focused on innovation in design research.