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Electromagnetic force surrounds us. Almost all electronic devices emit invisible electromagnetic radiation. It could be argued that electromagnetic force is the base of organic life.

Ferromancy consists of a set of 3 interactive installations which fit within the context of Life. Reflecting on the influence of electromagnetic force on our daily life, its origin and evolution, this project grants life to a material by using an intangible force and making the invisible visible. This is done with an intention to highlight the hazards and benefits of man-made electromagnetic fields.

The installations are titled:

1. Conception: Animation is captured with a macro lens and projected on a 3D convex screen in real time
2. The Tree of Life: Bringing life to a dead olive tree.
3. Animate: Human divination of the inanimate metal.

The installations are based on simple scientific phenomena; electromagnetism, immiscibility and luminescence; with the aim is to reveal the beauty and potentials of ferrofluid in art and design through a poetic representation of modern day life and the concept of creation away from scientific hypothesis or religious contexts. The fluid is a highly magnetic, oil-based liquid which produces intricate and subtle geometries when introduced to magnetic fields.

Through combining different design disciplines and rigorous experimentation, Ferromancy aims to animate the inanimate black metal. Each of the exhibits consists of a main body and an interactive control panel with a set of inputs, allowing users from different age groups to explore the mesmerizing state transitions of the fluid by varying the intensity of different external stimuli, and take a moment to think about the energy that is constantly surrounding us.

Ferromancy – Animating the Inanimate
Hashem Joucka

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About the Artist


Hashem Joucka

Designer/ Fabricator/ Maker

Hashem Joucka is a construction technologist, researcher and maker. He earned his Master’s degree from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), where his research focused on incorporating art, technology and science hybrids to create sustainable, interactive environments. In 2014, Joucka completed his diploma at the Fab Academy, an outreach program from MIT’s Center of Bits and Atoms. Prior to that, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management From Liverpool John Moores University.

As a passionate advocate of advancing the innovative interactions with contemporary technologies, Joucka has been freelancing to produce custom-made items, and working on the use of digital fabrication, physical programming and smart materials to create functional art.