Ali M Demirel at ECHO Dubai

Course description

2V-P software is a tool for interactive live visual performances. It is designed by Ali M. Demirel to manifest the idea of a minimalist visual concept and an interactive performance technique which Demirel has developed through his live show experience. Engineered by Pascal Lesport, the app runs on Mac platform and hosts Quartz Composer files, ISF shaders and movie files. It is available for download at iTunes app store.
Enjoy Ali M. Demirel’s live visual performance, with ECHO Dubai on 15 th and 16 th December 2017 in between 10 am – 06 pm (includes 30 minutes lunch break and 2 coffee breaks).

Course objectives

Understand and practice to design and perform live interactive visuals with music.

Course outcome

Learn to create and manipulate interactive content with Quartz Composer.

Learn to design and use live control interface.

Learn to perform and mix live interactive visuals with 2V-P app.

Course Schedule

• Introduction to the concept of live visual performance and design of 2V-P
• Installation of 2V-P and Quartz Composer
• Learning the basics of Quartz Composer
• Discovering the interface of 2V-P and library contents
• Integration of a MIDI controller with 2V-P
• Choosing music piece and visual compositions to perform live
• Designing the live visual performance and interactivity
• 5 minutes live performance

Technical Requirements

Level: introductory/intermediate

Each participant needs a Mac computer with OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor, and a MIDI control device, an iPad or smartphone with a MIDI app, or a MIDI hardware. The app will be provided for free to each participant.

How to prepare for the workshop?

The workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate level users. You do not have to have any prior experience using 2V-P or any other live performance software to get the most out of your learning. However, it would be advised to watch this introduction videos at 2V-P Vimeo site:
Quartz Composer is a free node-based visual programming language by Apple. It is a crucial component of 2V-P if you want to perform interactive visuals. You can learn about it on the 2V-P website:
It is advised to install Quartz Composer before you attend the workshop. However, it is not a must, you can use 2V-P only with video content as well.

Live Visual Performance with 2V-P
Ali M. Demirel

AED 2000 Book a Slot
time and date
10 AM - 6 PM 14 & 15 December 2017
the place
Dubai Design District

About the Artist


Ali M. Demirel

visual artist

Born in 1972, Turkey, lives and works in Berlin since 2008. Demirel is a visual artist with educational background in Architecture and Nuclear Engineering. Producing in various formats, he focuses on minimal imagery and structural compositions. His concepts are often driven from science and architecture. Demirel also designs and performs audio-visual live shows in collaboration with Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman.