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Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist, director and world proclaimed body architect probing the frontiers of the body, health and human adaptability.

Responding to complex future scenarios around health she uses storytelling as a medium to catalyze innovation, inventing visually iconic experiences that reach the masses through her extensive network in cinema, music, fashion and pop culture.

Trained in classical ballet and interior design Lucy’s artistic study of technology began during her formative years at Philips Design. She led the technology company’s far–future research lab developing stretchable electronics, an electronic tattoo and a range of emotional sensing dresses awarded TIME’s Best Inventions of 2007.

Lucy McRae is a TED Fellow receiving over 1.4 million views with her talk on ‘How technology will transform the body’. She inspires audiences globally through film, public exhibition and keynote speaking having delivered keynote talks at Tribeca Film Festival (2014) London’s Royal College of Physicians (2014) Royal Albert Hall (2013) and Venice Biennale architecture jury (2012).

With the invention of her Swallowable Parfum (2011) Lucy uncovered a gap in health and wellbeing that mutually benefitted the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The opportunities and new industry partnerships that have emerged from probing futures like the Swallowable Parfum prove the value of her artistic forecasting.

Her latest project The Future Day Spa now trialled on over 100 individuals, is a participatory experience delivering controlled vacuum pressure to the body. In 2016 Lucy begins work with King’s College to test Future Day Spa treatments with EEG to detect any electrical activity in the brain and begin to understand the role machine–touch could have on the body and our emotions. Recent results have initiated a broader research (beyond original intentions of preparing the body for space) to explore spa methods that may naturally trigger oxytocin release in the body and how this may be used to treat fatigue, social isolation and depression.

Connecting science with the imagination, she is listed by Fast Company as one of the leading women shaping the future.

Lucy McRae

Science Fiction Artist

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Science Fiction Artist

Lucy McRae