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In 1969 the Chimp Cosmonaut Boris 504 was sent in a mission to the moon. He never came backHis last communication was from the moon surface on the 7th of July of 1969.

Cause of Death:

Reportedly died on the lunar surface aboard Luna 15, surviving for a  time after the landing…

in “Details of the Soviet Primate Lunar Landing Program” by Dwayne   Allen Day

Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho imagines an unprecedented combination of music and light around three acts – the show opens on Boris’ cosmic roaming; soon after, the duo structures through music the wormhole where he got trapped before jumping chaotically between multiple universes. Finally, the show encloses on a fantasy: Boris the cosmonaut chimp is well alive since he found the meaning of passing from universe to universe, not time. Imagined as an immersive voyage, Multiverse  also flirts with fiction and reality while testing reactions between audio and image.


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time and date
14 DECEMBER 2017 9.45pm-10.30pm
the place
Dubai Design District

About the Artist




The men behind such a remarkable concept are Portugal’s Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho, two creators who shape their material around technology and have been working together for some time now. Neto is a musician and new media artist living in Faro; he has a degree in Psychological Sciences, studied Studio Recording, Advanced Music Production and a Digital Arts Master. Nowadays he is interested in creating musical interactive interfaces and exploring new musical languages, using computers and the new digital technologies. He is the musical side of real-time audiovisual performance Boris Chimp 504. Carvalho, is a multidisciplinary designer & new media artist currently living in Porto. Graduated in Design and with a Digital Arts Master he is nowadays a PhD student in Digital Media in the University of Porto under the UT Austin/Portugal Program. He is very interested in the crossings between arts and technology, and the synergies between sound, movement and image. He is the visual side of the audiovisual real-time performance Boris Chimp 504.