creative and digital production studio | NOI is a project of MONOGRID

NOI is a project of MONOGRID, a creative and digital production studio in Florence Italy, that comes to life given that Augmented Reality is becoming a bridge between digital and physical world, a hinge that changes the future and vision of brand’s design. The installation applies the technique of face recognition to distort visitors’ perception of appearance, identity and time. In 2005 Francesco and David together with 2 other partners founded MONOGRID, a creative and digital production studio in Florence Italy,. MONOGRID since 2016 is also part of the Cattleya group.
The aim of the installation is to inspire in the visitors a philosophical reflection on where all of us are coming from.

David Hartono , Francesco Bernabei

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Dubai Design District

About the Artist

David Hartono , Francesco Bernabei

About the Instructors/Artists

  • David Hartono

    Graduated from a Master degree of Digital Media Design from Utrecht School of Arts, The Netherlands, David is a creative technologist with artistic and technical experiences in the world of Interactive Digital Media, working with top brands around the world since 2007 as well as creating innovative personal projects. Beside creating interactive installation, video mapping, David also do live visual for some of the biggest electronic music festival in Italy.

  • Francesco Bernabei

    Francesco professionally grew up in the field of image and digital communication, first as a photographer and then as interactive director, in London where he spent three years working in one of the most important digital production houses on the international scene. For several years in the advertising industry he specializes in the creation of hybrid film / interactive projects and in the construction of international working teams specializing in the development of interactive experiences. In recent years he has also specialized in creating and producing experiences and film in VR and AR. He is currently responsible for the digital department of ThinkCattleya, adv production company part of the Cattleya Group.