Boris Chimp Art Installations at ECHO Dubai

Non Human Device #003 is the 3rd part of a series of interactive installations where experimental audiovisual devices are explored. They are based on the speculative narrative of the project Boris Chimp 504 , an audiovisual live performance that tells the adventures of a chimp cosmonaut in space. Each installation is based on a new extraterrestrial object found by Boris, during his missions through the deep space.

In this installation, the audience will be able to interact with the audiovisual signs of this non human device and experience the effects it causes on the space-time continuum.

Boris Chimp 504

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Boris Chimp 504

interaction / reaction between audio and image, and between man and machine

The men behind such a remarkable concept are Portugal’s Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho, two creators who shape their material around technology and have been working together for some time now. Neto is a musician and new media artist living in Faro; he has a degree in Psychological Sciences, studied Studio Recording, Advanced Music Production and a Digital Arts Master. Nowadays he is interested in creating musical interactive interfaces and exploring new musical languages, using computers and the new digital technologies. He is the musical side of real-time audiovisual performance Boris Chimp 504.¬†Carvalho, is a multidisciplinary designer & new media artist currently living in Porto. Graduated in Design and with a Digital Arts Master he is nowadays a PhD student in Digital Media in the University of Porto under the UT Austin/Portugal Program. He is very interested in the crossings between arts and technology, and the synergies between sound, movement and image. He is the visual side of the audiovisual real-time performance Boris Chimp 504.