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Music is a globally uniting force; Shadi Megallaa expresses it in his unique way. Shadi’s live PA is an incredible voyage through sounds, rhythms and something unexplainable which only Shadi knows the secret.

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Shadi Megallaa
Ark to Ashes

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16 DECEMBER 2017 7.30pm-10.00pm
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Dubai Design District

About the Artist


Ark to Ashes

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Shadi Megallaa was raised in Abu Dhabi, on the shores of the Persian Gulf.
He remembers that he first got introduced to electronic music when he was 14 as a friend of his brother studying in London brought back tapes of Drum N Bass. Later he came across a double CD entitled ‘Northern Exposure’ mixed by Dj’s Sasha & John Digweed. Shadi recalls “being blown away by the complexity of musical layering”.

At the age of 19, he decided to purchase a pair of decks and became fully immersed in playing music upon his move to the USA in 1997 where he was studying architecture at the University of Kansas. As a DJ he first started spinning progressive then, more tribal stuff & tech house, and ultimately weird German influenced minimal techno. He travelled a lot and played more and more events. Shadi kept experimenting with machines and software to create his own sound.

He started his productions in 2001, and since new material signed by Shadi Megallaa keep getting out on labels like Tic Tac Toe, Kalimari, Igloo, Produkt Schallplatten. His records have revealed his talent to the public and opened the doors of some of the best clubs on the world. In 2005, Shadi Megallaa and Matt Tolfrey started the Leftroom label, based in Nottingham in the UK. LeftRoom focuses on off center and minimal techno to put out music for the head as well as for the dance floor.

In 2013, Megallaa moved back to Abu Dhabi and established Ark to Ashes. The decision to go vinyl-only reflects a certain sentimental defiance, which is also evident in the label’s name: Ark to Ashes is a reference to Lee “Scratch” Perry’s legendary Black Ark studio, which he decided to burn down in 1979 to “rid himself of the negative energies surrounding it”.

The future is very bright for this pro-active talent. Constantly working hard in the studio on new music and expanding his live PA. He is coming up with some hot releases to bounce the dance floors and take your mind to a higher degree of activity.