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Direct offspring of Cristi Cons’s friendship with Vlad Caia, SIT was formed and shaped more than a few years ago, long before they felt the need for an outpost to promote their masterpieces. That outpost has been known as Amphia, the label they started about 6 releases ago.

The fact that they both release solo quite a bit doesn’t mean that SIT is less special. Actually it’s not, and both felt they can expand their creativity and audience by performing together in a live project. We feel very blessed to have them in our roster!


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time and date
15 DECEMBER 2017 5.30pm - 7.00pm
the place
Dubai Design District

About the Artist



Brought together by lifelong mates Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, the SIT project has been smoothly rising through the local and international scene, since it’s debut, in 2009.

One year later the very first material, ‘Year 3000’, was released on Jesus Loved You. The summer of 2010 brought the project’s first appearance, at Sunwaves 8 Festival, and since then, all the team work and ideas drove towards a higher plane. Clustered by the desire of creating boundless music, phrased by inconceivable modes and futuristic techniques, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons ultimately objectified their goal by bringing into existence Amphia, in early 2011. The label’s activity currently features ‘Traversa’ (2011), ‘Projections’ (2012), ‘Morfoza’ (2012), ‘Glassdance’ (2013) and under the Verico moniker, ‘Numiris’ (2013) freshly out in the open. Another smooth remix was released on [a:rpia:r] 011 – Melchior Productions Ltd, as well as EP’s on Naural and Do Easy Records.

Combining their styles and backgrounds with passion and friendship, the young musicians then upgraded their development to a full-grown level, opening a new door for their project, bringing the passion for music outside the studio, in front of the crowd, performing their first LIVE act in Fabric’s Room 1, in 2013. A perfect blend between interaction and improvisation, the live act presents a dynamic way to showcase their studio work and signature sound.

To sum it up, hard work, sharp productions, musical culture blended up with love and two creative minds, to make it all count, gives the worldwide electronic field one more subsistent project to open up to and let the emotions flow.