Wearables Workshop at ECHO Dubai

Course description

What we wear is the primary media by which we communicate who we are. Express yourself boldly or blend in – crafting identity is an art form where there is no neutral ground and every stance sends a message.
Our clothing is the most personal of all media. And fashion, like other media, will be transformed, enhanced and reinvented by information technology. There is a swelling trend towards technological fashion but an alarming number of marriages between data-technology and clothing have resulted in devastatingly boring pragmatic solutions. By mapping new grounds that diverges radically from this previous cyborg model, we hope to open the field to a whole new landscape of more diverse forms supporting human communication. We will bring examples of projects in this field in which participants will engage in class discussions to develop their vision while working hands-on by creating their own wearable piece.
The goal of this workshop is to actively explore the realm of wearable computing, the possibilities it holds for dynamic human communication and expression, and extend the vocabulary of Fashion Literacy. Through unusual applications of existing technologies and the imaginative prototyping of future technologies we will develop together new visions for the future of fashion, clothing and body adornment. This workshop is designed with emphasis on creating a collaborative atmosphere to help foster a community of interest for wearable computing and digitally mediated Interaction. You’ve spent a lifetime designing yourself; this is the workshop for imagining how wearable computing will let us enhance that identity, allow us to explore alternatives, and try on new ones!

• The workshop will be conducted as a mix of inspiration classes,
concept development and hands-on creation.
• Participants will work in creative (preferable multidisciplinary) teams

Course objectives

To rethink tradition and to enrich technology
The objective of this workshop is to embrace the creativity and new thinking within the field of wearable technology and create a link to the area of traditional fashion made for the everyday life.
We will rescue wearable computing from the cyber suit stereotype by rejoining technology with its potential as a provocative medium to create desire and identity trough the merging of reactive materials, computer and sensing technology, interaction design and traditional craft. Also, our intention is to inspire students to work with their cultural identity by exploring aesthetical forms of expression combining tradition and modernity, allying craft and technology.
The workshop will be partly informative – covering new materials, tools, technologies and interaction design methods – and partly experiential and constructive – giving each participant the immediate opportunity to engage the new ideas in a collaborative hands-on learning environment.

Design methodology

• The workshop will be conducted as a mix of inspiration classes, concept development and hands-on.
• Participants will work in creative teams.
• At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to demonstrate the potentials of their innovative performative solutions trough internal presentation and demonstration.
After the workshop the participants can continue their investigation with their own design kits if they wish to purchase one.

Course outcome

Wearable technology pieces combining craft, technology and aesthetics

• At the end of the workshop, the participants will be asked to demonstrate the potentials of their innovative design solutions through the realization of a site-specific exhibition or catwalk eventually open to a broader public.
• After the workshop, the participants can continue their investigation with their own design kits if they wish to purchase one.

Wearables Workshop: When Fashion Meets Technology

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time and date
14, 15 & 16 December 2017 Day 1: 12.00pm - 5.00pm Day 2: 10.00am - 7.00pm Day 3: 10.00am - 5.00pm
the place
Dubai Design District

About the Artist



Co-Founder's DIFFUS

Diffus is founded by Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannesen. Michel is an architect working with tangible media and interaction design. He has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Schools of Architecture and Design. Hanne-Louise has a masters degree in Art History and has worked as assistant professor in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen. She now teaches at the IT-University, Denmark.

Diffus Design is a Copenhagen based design studio working with intelligent textiles, tangible interfaces and interactive installations. Diffus Design got an artistic and aesthetic point of departure for every project as well as a strong focus how technology and everyday objects can merge in a way that traditional craft and cutting edge technology enrich each other rather than being opposites.

One of the main missions for Diffus Design is to combine traditional know-how and a codified production processes with uncharted ‘soft’ technologies and complex materials. The idea is to emphasise familiarity, luxury and comfort and try to combine different materials and innovative tech-nology in often unpredictable ways and unconventional twists but always with strong concepts and clear narratives.