“Utopia Sound Garden” & “Worlds” are immersive virtual reality experiences where the public can interact with the digital art.
In “ Utopia Sound Garden”, visitors walk in an open air gallery that presents some digital work of the artists Marie-laure Requet and Eric Wenger. The public interact with this sonic fantasy world, and can teleport within the artwork in 360 Degrees.
“Words” (by Eric Wenger) present four floating anti-gravity domes that hold a miniature world, linked by futuristic bridges. The visitor walk in or fly In these worlds and he’s invited to customise them by planting and growing vegetation as well as modifying the terrain to his own taste.

Images et 3D : Marie-laure Requet/Eric Wenger
VR Unity developpement: Eric Wenger
Graphic Software: ArtMatic Voyager

“Territoires Visuels” (الأراضي البصرية ) is a collective of artists that uses mixed media and new technology,
YouTube channel: territoiresvisuels –


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